The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The Levantines: Identities and Heritage

November 02, 2018

ASCSA, Cotsen Hall, 9 Anapiron Polemou, 106 76 Athens

International Conference

Presented by

The Levantine Heritage Foundation

Building upon the success of our earlier conferences in Istanbul in 2014 and London in 2016, this conference will introduce the Levantines to a Greek and international audience (academics and non-academics) and illustrate their role in the shaping of modern Greece. Emphasis will be given to the aspects of the Levantine world and its complex socio-economic networks which gave rise to layers of social, cultural, political, and material exchanges with resonances lasting till today.
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3rd International Conference of The Levantine Heritage Foundation, Athens, 2-3 November 2018
Outline Programme
Friday 2 November
08.30 Registration
09.30 Opening remarks
10.00 Keynote by Paschalis M. Kitomilides - The Challenges of Pluralism
11.30 Session1 – Dignitaries in the Levantine World
14.00 Session 2 – Networks, Families and Institutions
16.00 Session 3 – The role of Religion and Interreligious connections
17.30 Roundtable – Searching the Family Past / Family Portraits
18.30 Closing of Day 1 and Drinks Reception
Saturday 3 November
08.30 Registration
09.30 Keynote by Alexander Kitroeff – Greeks and Levantines in Egypt: Parallel Lives
10.30 Book presentation by George Poulimenos and Achilleas Chatziconstantinou – The Smyrna Quay – Tracing a symbol of Progress and Splendour
11.30 Session 4 – Levantines Identities – Who/what is a Levantine?
14.00 Session 5 – Cosmopolitan cities in transition
16.00 Session 6 – Levantines in a post-Ottoman world
17.30 Levantine Unions socialising event
18.30 Closing of the conference
The conference takes place in the splendid venue of Cotsen Hall in the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies. Address: Souidias 61, Athens 106 76, Greece.
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About the Levantine Heritage Foundation
The Levantine Heritage Foundation (LHF) is a non-profit membership association, established to advance research, preservation and education in the heritage, arts and culture of the different ethnic and religious communities of the wider Levant region of the former Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Levant comprised most of present-day Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, and its influence extended far beyond the borders of those countries. The Ottoman Empire was made up of many different ethnic groups, including Turks, Arabs, Greeks, Armenians and Jews. They were joined over the centuries by traders and diplomats from every part of Europe, from Britain to Dalmatia, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish, many of whom settled in the region and intermarried with the local population. In recent years, it has become common to refer to these European settlers in Ottoman lands as “Levantines.” However, research into the cosmopolitan world of the Levantines is still in its infancy, and much remains to be discovered about their way of life and their legacy.
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